About the Typhoon 12

Becoming a Dealer

To discuss becoming a dealer, please contact us using the contact form HERE or on our Contact page.

What Gauge is the Typhoon 12?

12 Gauge, 2-3/4" shells only. The Typhoon 12 comes with one, 5-round box magazine, with round count holes in the magazine that make it easy to determine the number of rounds remaining. The magazine well and polymer magazine are unique to the Typhoon 12.

Where are the Controls?

The safety is located behind the trigger guard; the magazine release is on the magazine well, just forward of the trigger guard where it is easy to reach.

Who Makes the Typhoon 12?

The shotgun is manufactured by Hurricane Butterfly Manufacturing, a Type 7 manufacturer located in Washington State. The Typhoon is based on the Remington™ 870-type action with a unique magazine well and magazine.

Most Remington™ 870 parts and accessories fit the Typhoon 12.

What is the NFA Status & Transfer Fee?

The Typhoon 12 is available as an Any Other Weapon (AOW) or a Short Barreled Shotgun. For domestic US purchasers, there is a $5 tax due. For the short barreled shotgun, the standard $200 tax applies.

For international buyers, we manufacture an export compatible version of the Typhoon 12; please contact us for international/export inquiries.